The Beginning?

Here’s where it all started. Perfect climate. It was twenty degrees Celsius and he could only rely upon his warm, or not hot Horlicks because he never liked tea or coffee. He sat by the window, but never focussed on any object which appeared on the other side.

He saw the kids, playing football on the field which was almost fifty steps away from his second-floor house. This woke his footballer soul hiding somewhere, someplace deep inside, all tired and uninterested. This reminded his old-school-day-moments and he felt nostalgic for the same reason.

He stood up, his foot had touched the floor for the first time in ten hours. Before he could step out of his house, he told his mother that he’d be back soon. He stepped out and rushed towards the stairs. Then, he slipped after stepping on a wet surface of a step and hit his back hard on each and every descending step as he slid down and down. This trip wasn’t expected and this was never a memorable one. But this magnificent fall was the reason behind The Beginning of everything which occurred afterwards, at least an hour later.


Note: There’s probably no sequel to this story. It may happen later, but not anytime now. Until then, see you soon. The Beginning.


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