Not Today

I have never seen you till date

Throughout my life, you’ve only changed your shape

Oh heavens, this has to be my fate

I feel you’re making excuses, only to escape

Days have passed and I hardly ate

We’d been to a million places, but only a few were worth a landscape

I’m trying to give my best, I ain’t a duplicate

You’ve fooled me thrice and I’m no longer an ape

You tore me apart rather than being considerate

I’m trying to fix myself, I don’t find enough sellotape

You continued, even though what you did was deliberate

I can’t hide anything for there’s nothing left to drape

I decided to quit, I picked up a chalk and a slate.

I waited and waited for ages until I got a reply. I couldn’t share this with any human. I didn’t know how to explain this to any other living specie either. Well, this is what it said. “Not today, not tomorrow shall you quit. I’m the only one to tell you whether you’re fit. But, until you lose all your strength, till the never-ending infinity’s length, you shall fight, with all your might”

There’s no quitting in between.


29 thoughts on “Not Today

  1. Hey! I really want to know what is it that you are talking about here? Is it the negative thoughts in your head? I feel like there’s a conflict. Like you’re fighting some internal battle with your thoughts, where they are trying to pin you down throwing all the discouragements upon you, yet you are strong and positive enough to shine above them! It would be great if I get to know what you really wanted to convey. πŸ˜„

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    1. Yes! It’s an internal battle. It’s about the heart which has been with me all the time. This post conveys that, even your heart leaves you alone when you’re down. But, it surely knows what can be done if things go terribly wrong. But, they take time don’t they? Everything takes time. It takes time to heal. But, it is left to us, whether we decide to go with the flow, or swim against it. When your heart tells you to quit, say ‘No’, because only you know that you still have that strength in you, because you still have the brain which works absolutely fine.
      That’s what I tried to say, here. I hope you liked it. Thank you so much, Chandni!

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      1. That is just wow! So, inspiring words in the end are spoken by the brain? Also, yes, I agree. The heart gives up in the most crucial times. 😬 Yet, the mind still works on finding solutions. I love this piece of work. How beauuutifully you have portrayed the conflicting situation between beart and mind, and the human trapped between both of these! It’s very deep and hard-hitting. 🌼


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