The Correction Encounter

You’re no longer defined as a human when you’re intoxicated. You become an animal, unable to decide what’s right and wrong when you’re under its influence. Not just about deciding what’s right or wrong, you can’t even stand on your own, and it doesn’t stop there – I didn’t tell this to anybody living or dead.

I was happily stargazing in broad daylight in my nice little dusty room until I heard a frightening ringtone of a smart phone from someplace far away from my room. The smart phone rang annoyingly showing no respect towards our guests at home as they were startled due to it. It never stopped until my mother ran hurriedly towards it and silenced it.

She picked up the phone and went out of the house, disappearing into the balcony. I followed her, curious about the person who just broke peace in the house. As I went to the balcony, no kites flew anywhere high or low, up in the sky. The sky was so clear that one could see absolutely nothing but the colour blue.

Then, I turned my head towards my mother who was talking on the phone, tensed. Her eyes were moist and tears could roll out any moment, now or later. Suddenly, she held her phone away from her ears and took my right hand and adjusted it so that the phone could fit in and she walked away without uttering a single syllable of a word. She went in.

It was my father who had called. I realized that the call wasn’t ended yet and then I placed the phone’s speaker on my ear.

“Your brother is doing drugs”.

“What?” I replied, repeating the same word twice.

“Can’t you hear me? I got a call from someone who told me that your brother was caught taking drugs and intoxicating himself.”

“What are you saying? I can’t even believe what you’re saying. I’m surprised. He’s still a school boy who doesn’t even know the fourteen table by heart and you’re talking about this now.” I said.

He said “Don’t waste time, I’ll give you his number. Call him and go to that place where he’s held your brother and get him back home, safe.

“Okay, but why don’t you come here and deal with it? I can’t do this on my own.” I replied, breathing heavily.

“I can’t come now, I’m busy in the office. Hurry! Leave right away, I’ll send a text message, you need his number right? Okay now” he said and I disconnected the call in disbelief and I ran out of the house, with an empty mind.

So, what did I do? I dialled, spoke to that unknown person who had captured my brother, red-handed. He gave the exact location of that place to me due to which I found it with ease using the map application which used the location feature, also draining the phone’s battery to a mere seven percent.

After thirty minutes, we had met each other along with three other young victims, moderately intoxicated, yet standing straight as though nothing unholy had occurred. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw an eight year old standing among two other twelve-year olds.

That little child wept and wiped his eyes, arguing that he never did anything other than coming to that place to play. These kids had completed various tasks in order to earn some money so that they could easily buy stuff, which came under the budget.

I was told that these kids stole and sold old steel wires which were laid at the abandoned building to the recycle shop and got enough money to buy correction fluids or other chemical substances which were intended for domestic use and available at retail stores which lets your brain to experience something new when inhaled; supplied by other elder teenagers who weren’t present at that moment.

The person who had called me narrated a short story about those three children, also warning the children not to be seen in or around the area where they were caught earlier.

“Severe actions would’ve been taken. We would’ve called the police and let them deal with this matter. But these boys are too young and we don’t want to make this a serious issue which could pull your families into a big trouble. We’ve treated them well, they’ve had enough for today. You needn’t punish them anymore. Take him home and make sure he doesn’t get into this ever again”. This is what I could ever remember about what he said to me when we met each other.

He released this drug addict who belonged to our house and started to interrogate the other two children who were also the same. We left.

We took a road which led to our house. I ordered him to walk faster as I couldn’t stay or walk next to a drug addict who doesn’t even qualify to look like a human. He walked faster, as ordered. I wondered how these young kids, rather than playing in the fields get into dangerous games like these. I never knew what these stuff do to a body when I was of their age. Things have changed a lot these days. Kids know everything. I wished development would’ve been much slower.

“Now I remember why you asked mom to buy you a correction fluid(whitener) that day. You said you wanted that thing to paint over mistakes made by your hand. Pen, in fact.”

“No, that’s different. I never inhaled correction fluids.

What I took was solution” He said.

Solution! Solution what?!

P.S.: I, standing in the shoes of somebody else, narrate this not so pleasing story which is almost, the truth. I would’ve told you earlier, but something kept me from doing so.


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