No Interest

I was supposed to complete my ‘Christmas Holiday Homework(s)’ which were due on January twenty-eighteen. I’m not sure about the last dates, but I’m one-hundred-percent sure that those lecturers would definitely ask everyone to submit whatever we’ve done. Now, I’m not sure about anything.

Something’s stopping me from starting my second last assignment. Twenty-seventeen is almost setting down and I’m still thinking about something which had occurred at least a year ago. I remember saying “I have no interest in your zero-percent interest” to somebody, but now, my interests have changed, drastically.

Time rewinds to December twenty-sixteen or somewhere around late November. I cannot remember. But still, I would recommend myself to stop thinking about the perfect date and randomly select something appropriate. I didn’t mean to make no sense at all. I just wanted to convey whatever I wanted to tell, precisely.

I do not have questions, I just want you to reveal, telling me, you’re the one.

This cannot be me. I’ve changed a lot after that damned phone call.

How does it feel – talking to strangers and thinking about them?- for you’ve not even seen them from your own eyes.

Now, I’m all fine. I’ve stopped thinking about it.

Back to twenty-sixteen.

“Call disconnected”

That was a stranger who had called me on that day; from a known person’s contact number which was saved in my phone.

She said she was from a bank which offered loans with “zero percent interest”.

I wasn’t interested, but she kept on talking about it in a language which I don’t speak that often.

I disconnected the call, I wasn’t interested you see.

She had called me at least three times in which she told me that she was my far relative’s ‘son’ in the last call, also ordering me to accept the friend request online.

That person spoke in a very weird boyish voice. Just like how people speak while they’re pranking during phone calls. I later understood(made to understand) that the person who spoke to me was a female who had seen my WhatsApp profile picture through my friend’s phone and wanted to talk to me desperately as she had already fallen for it.

She called me, somewhere around the month of February twenty-seventeen. Probably for the last time in my life after which I’ve changed a lot. I wouldn’t like to tell everything about it.

There are a million reasons to just sit in a corner and recite a new rhyme.

There are lesser reasons for me to just sketch something on a sheet of paper and later publicise it out of excitement!

We spoke for at least twenty minutes and she disconnected the call, breaking herself down into tears. This time, I had one-hundred-percent interest in knowing what had happened. Earlier, I had no interest to talk to a stranger who was in love with me. Now, I’m curious about it. I didn’t know what was her reason to cry. I was guilty. I was harsh with my speech. I couldn’t bear myself for being a bad person, hurting others. I had to share this with almost half of my friends. I was totally dead the following week and so on until I realised “thinking about it will take me nowhere”.

Did I fall in love? How can somebody indirectly convey that they’re in love with me? Is this true? Will I become a lover boy? Should I say “Yes, okay”? What should I do?

I was in a very bad mood. I don’t have to explain that break-up hurts a lot. First of all, I had hardly fallen in love and now, I’m acting as though somebody had ditched me.

Days and months have passed and one fine day, a friend told me that he was that person who had spoken through the phone.

I just said that I didn’t care.

My heart had shattered into a million irregular pieces. I couldn’t feel the pain. I was already killed a few months ago. Now, my heart shattering into a million pieces make no sense.

I later understood that this ‘Interest’ was a planned event in which most of my friends contributed ideas on “How to prank”.

I’m out of the Time-Machine now. I have got a lot of work which is yet to be completed by the end of this year. Do I have any interest in completing it?

No, I don’t.

I have Zero-Interest in doing anything right now.

21 thoughts on “No Interest

      1. And, thanks for liking my writing and photography. I enjoy reading your unique view of things. You are very talented. Have you thought of trying photography? It’s another form of self-expression. I look at it as an extension of my writing.

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      2. I’m fond of photography too. But, I choose sketching pictures – which are the extensions of my blog. Thank you again for complimenting and also, for the suggestions. I’m looking forward for more photo-blogs from you. Keep clicking pictures!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I admire someone who is as talented as you. I can’t draw a straight line. I can’t create art, but I can see beauty and photograph it. At my age, photography is mind, body and soul exercise.

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