The Same Old Feeling

You’d always be careful and awake with consciousness when you know that you’re going to lose something.

After losing a smart phone in an overcrowded bus, I had this feeling today that I’d lose my present phone to a number of high-school-going girls in a moderately occupied bus on my way back home. Isn’t that embarrassing? No, I wouldn’t tell that because I’m neutral for whatever that happens around me (I think I’m lying at present).

People come, people go, but they leave an impression which is the only important substance or whatever it is, to be noticed at the very first instance. Close friends had just been mere strangers when it all started. When they’re strangers, you may not know what they’re up to. So, unless you mind a business – in which other people are interested, you won’t find any newcomers moving into your life.

December twenty-one, twenty-sixteen,

Constant tremors all over the body and far away when I realised that my phone wasn’t there in its place when I just got off the bus. Neither I knew what had happened to it nor I felt my phone which was being picked out of my denim. That wasn’t a good experience, but it taught me a new lesson on how to be more conscious while being pushed out of a bus which could take no more passengers into it without losing any valuables.

Thefts happen/occur at places where people are no longer interested in keeping their belongings, safe and secure. Is that a true statement?


Going back home from someplace I always visit during weekdays. Reserved seats for men and women in the bus where the rear half is generally occupied by men. I sat in the last row with my phone in hand, thinking about nobody but music which played on loop which never seemed to stop, even after anybody’s order.

With half of the journey done, the bus halted at a bus stand and there entered a group of at least five school-girls who came to the rear end of the bus where no seats were empty to welcome them happily. They were seeming to be typically intolerable as nobody could handle their childish babble any longer. I continued to look at my phone’s screen which showed something more interesting. A talkative girl among other talkative girls from the swarm turned herself towards me and started to converse.

“Brother, can you just give me your phone for a minute? I need to call my dad”

I’m a kind-hearted person! (I’m still waiting for that moment, for a number of people to give such a compliment to me).

I stopped playing with my phone and opened the dialer and set it up so that the person who uses it could dial a number and talk to the other person, easily. She grabbed my phone and turned away facing the other side where I could hardly see my phone and whatever happened in my phone!

I heard the other girls giggling and I could smell the act of suspicion happening in front of me as she seemed to use the phone to call somebody. After a minute or two, I got my phone back, which appeared to be safe as most of the applications were protected with a lock which only I could know. I browsed through every application which she would’ve possibly opened just to retrieve personal data. I also opened my online messaging app which wasn’t protected with a lock and checked whether it was misused.

No, every single bit of information happened to be at the same place, without any disturbance. I wondered what she would’ve done if the applications weren’t protected by an app-lock. She stepped out of the bus the very next moment after thanking me. The other girls followed her footsteps and disappeared, out of sight. The next thing what I saw really froze my spine. I never did see anybody’s number in the call log.

I felt that I was fooled and cheated. I also thought that she would’ve stolen a considerable amount of data from my phone which could help her for her own purposes. But, she was too young for me to doubt upon. I couldn’t find answers for any of my questions. I was left unanswered.


I’m still waiting for that instance where somebody calls me up and catches me red-handed for doing something terrible and way too embarrassing.

Also, I’ll have to question myself for I’ve committed a mistake which I’d not like to forget, for at least, a very long time.

“Does helping out strangers shower goodness on top of your head?”

“Is it okay to lie to people and not help them when you do not like to help them as they seem to be suspicious?”

I think something has been stolen.

A loss, huge or tiny, or nothing at all.

I’d happily forget whatever that had happened and move on as time passes on. But still, I don’t expect an answer to this. I’m not asking anybody.

5 thoughts on “The Same Old Feeling

  1. Hy ill tell why you couldn’t find any new number in ur call log. Simple the girl would have deleted it after calling becoz girls are insecure. They will think that boys will trace their number and call to that number again and talk with them hence she would have deleted it

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    1. I can understand. But their behavior revealed what they were up to. I forgot to mention, I saw fingerprints and marks behind the phone, which also gave me clues about their intention to remove the sim card from the sim tray.


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