Time Smitten

“Boys! You can play with your hair right after graduating school. But, this is not the right time. You can stroke your hair to stand tall, just like the Mt. Everest. But, no. This isn’t the time. You guys will be free birds after you join colleges. Nobody will ever complain or ask about your hairstyle.” Said our almost sweet, but a strict class-teacher, during her talks about chemical reactions between various compounds.

After four years,

“Your objective here, in the college is not to flaunt your hairstyle, but to achieve good grades. None of your hair should fall below your eyebrows. If you still want to run around with your present hairstyle, we can talk about it with the principal and sort it out. What do you say?”.


Why not? I love the eyebrows. Aren’t the eyebrows the best detail on any person’s face? Why would anyone hide them from anybody else?

I’d wait for hours together, during lecture hours in college to turn around and start looking for that girl in the class who possessed the most luscious eyebrows and enjoy the quickest glances, which would slow down the time for me. I used to look at her ever-blushing happy face whenever the lecturer walked around and across the corners of the classroom. I just knew how to seize those wonderful moments without having anybody’s prying eyes on me.

Also, she used to look at me accidentally during the lecture and I would just nod my head which would drop the hair to hide my eyes from her. I didn’t want her to notice me – who observed her all the time, imagining her aesthetic, expertly sculpted face with bliss.

That’s one among my one hundred reasons to keep my hair from getting trimmed like lawn grass. That’s terrifying, isn’t it?

The eyes are the truth-tellers and the eyebrows are its modulators.

The End.

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