Below Average

“I’m too weak to do anything right now. I know, that it’s in my blood, to underperform, no matter what I do.

People laugh. People laugh, and then, they move on. But, It doesn’t stop there.

They share it there, with more and more like-minded people. Nothing more or less can ever be expected.

My dreams aren’t perfect. I always die in the end of it. Change is inevitable. But, there are no signs.

I see nothing but darkness in broad daylight. I need rehabilitation. But, I’m the only one suffering from it.

So, I see that there’s nothing in this world which can eradicate whatever that is lurking deep inside me.

Are you the pain of my life? Or, are you the failure altogether? It wouldn’t be surprising if you just say –

‘Don’t worry, we’re just playing with your life and extracting the best out of you. It will not take much time.’

Who are you? It doesn’t matter if you don’t reply. I just want you to stay away from me.

It is truly embarrassing. People aren’t pointing out at my mistakes. They’re just laughing, and fading away.

I’ve tried to catch them. But, they’re already aware of the escape routes. This game isn’t funny anymore.

Everything is staged. The script is already written. But, you don’t get to choose your favourite role.

You’re programmed to dance to the tunes. You either dance, or make way for others. Things are irrelevant.”

You’re below average. So, hands up! You’re arrested.

I can’t afford to love

But, I’d like to tell you

That sooner or later, I’ll be gone

Forever after.


61 thoughts on “Below Average

  1. Oh god! So much of pain!! I hope you’re ok!
    Be happy.. let them laugh, let them go, let them do whatever they want.. don’t give the remote control of your emotions to them. They are no one to control that. You’re the in charge of your life.. do whatever makes you happy and leave the rest.. ok!

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  2. I say to the protagonist, “You’re not the only one suffering from it. This environment has become toxic. The only thing we can do is wear a face mask, and block out the poison. They rate you based on their own criteria of worldly success. Don’t fall prey to their rating system. What matters in the end is what you believe and how you rate yourself. Your human mind and spirit is able to constantly evolve, so there’s no such thing as below average, just one path leading to Infinity. It doesn’t matter where you are on it, as long as you keep walking forward.”

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  3. ‘Everything is staged. The script is already written. But, you don’t get to choose your favourite role’

    This line hit deep. But I guess what we make of the role given to us also shows our fighting spirit. Our want to live. It may not be our favourite, but if we take it positively, it may provide us the road to the role of our life and choice.

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  4. We are all sufferers at some point or the other in life but when other’s arw in that situation we are least bothered to console but when it strikes on us that’s when we feel the agony….
    So don’t be judgemental and show and seek help where ever required and allow leeway to yourself and others 😊

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    1. Yeah, you’re right. Judging at tough times can go wrong. This is just an attempt to exaggerate my feelings through words. I don’t take things seriously. Actually, I play it my way.
      Thank you for your kind words here. Thank you so much.


  5. Hello buddy, are you okay?
    This was truly heartfelt.
    Just wanted to assure you that you are a lot more than what you feel right now. Give yourself sometime. Know that it is okay to take a break and figure life out.
    Find what gets you going
    It is out there
    Don’t stop looking🌸

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    1. Thank you for your advice.
      I feel alright now. I just wanted to pour my feelings onto something. So, here it is. I’ll look for more. I’m sure about that.
      Thank you so much for your time here, Shreya! Have a great day/night!

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  6. Toxicity is everywhere these days and it pisses me off a lot… Instead of helping you get on your feet, people will knock you down over and over again, till you stand up to them and tell them that they don’t matter. Reality’s harsh but in a way, it’s good because I’ve learned from insecure people i.e. haters, never to ruin my image of myself. I mean, those people probably lack something but at least I can look at myself and be grateful for everything that I have and be grateful that I’m not like those miserable people. I don’t want to be eighty years old and look at myself in the mirror and think, ‘What a waste. You just gave others power over you? For what exactly?’ In short, regret’s brutal.
    These feelings are horrible and it’s rough but always remember that you have the power to change your thoughts and eventually, your life. Your reality is what you make it out to be. Be grateful for the little things, love everything and everyone and fill your heart with compassion and care for the world. There’s nothing greater than somebody who gives everything that they are to the world to make it better. You can do that.
    Also, chin up, my friend. You’re stronger than you think and there’s no need to deny that, because it’s the truth. You just got to start believing it from within.
    Earlier today, someone described me as a ‘walking, talking self-help book’ and I laughed and jokingly said, ‘I love what I do’. So yeah, reach out if you ever need to. Take care!

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    1. Oh, thank you, Mvadi! I’m refreshed after reading your comment here, on this post. I’m doing well now. I just wanted to express what I felt and see what could happen if I did. The results were amazing. It calmed me down. Writing calms me down. I’m alright now. I can assure you that. Yes, I’d love to reach out! Thank you so much.

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      1. You’re very welcome, my friend. I’m glad my comment helped you feel slightly better. Writing truly has been one of my best ways of expressing myself in the past couple of years and I’m grateful to have a platform to honestly express how I feel, like you. It calms me down a lot too actually! We’re pretty similar in that way. It’s great that you’re fine now. Sure, anytime!

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  7. “Everything is staged. The script is already written. But, you don’t get to choose your favorite role.” — I wish we acknowledge this soon… We are creating a script within a script.. So choices are infinite.. It just that we are not that good at creating this from scratch :-).. I hope you understand

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  8. Beautiful lines, I can feel the pain in words you have faced at that moment. Dear friend, darkness won’t last long, it just plays for a moment making pictures of different colors and will pass, but the light through which you see those pictures is in you ever, just see it in you and recognize it and it will be there always…stay blessed and happy 🙂

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  9. I also relate to this pavan..but don’t bother abt anybody..nobody has right to rule our life..jst be enough strong that nobody can alter your state of mind..n always remember that I’m here for can share anything with me..god bless you n keep smiling😊🤗

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  10. You’re below average , So, hands up! You’re arrested…This is incredibly amazing…Your writing skills are out of this world, I just felt instantly connected with every single word of yours. Too good.. More power to you.

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      1. Well !! Life is unfair …n people face these kinda problems..! Especially the student life !! U have very well depicted the feelings n pain ! I quite understand it ! Jus stay blessed n wishing u all the sorts of happiness in ur life ! 😊😊

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