There’s so much water

But, there’s so much less – to drink.

Yes, that’s scarce indeed. But, I really think that it’d last much longer, like, they’re telling us that it’d just dry up very soon. I think they’re just scaring us. There’s a lot of water on Earth!

No Sir! It’ll really just vanish if you leave the taps running. Such a waste!

No, I won’t! I never did that either.

Okay, enough of all that. Just tell me what you need.

Would you like to jump off the edge if the Earth becomes flat again?

Earth was round even before someone proved that it is actually round, idiot!

So, is this the question you wanted to ask me all this time? Are you kidding me? Just get to the point.

Okay, so what’s Life?

Life’s like a paper boat. It just wanders around for a bit and then,

Well, you know what happens next.

No! That’s not what I want. I asked “What’s life?” and not “What’s Life, like?” Do you understand?

So, you’ve grown up! Not like those kids who just turned twelve-years ol-

Shut up! I’m twenty already.

Well then, you’ll get it all by yourself. There’s a long way to go, my friend.

What the hell? I’m tired already! I’m hungry too and I’ve still got questions to ask you –

Okay, stop! There’s a way.

Now, don’t tell me to make paper boats!

You’ll never stop. I know you. Don’t I?

Oh, yes! You should consider making some. But, before that –

Go, get an Orange Juice. Life becomes much better!

Please don’t ask me why.

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