My Silence

All those letters I’d written and

All those silly things I’d told you

All those mistakes that

I had committed

Didn’t mean anything, after all.


Like any other day, my day begins

With your picture on my mind

But that doesn’t stop there

The last thing that I think at the end

Would also be you, all the time.


I know that you’ll never return

After all that’s happened between us

There’s no point in thinking

About all of that but I feel that

My feelings are being replayed.


My heart is now beating

With a steady pace and

I think that I’m back to normal

But that cannot be defined

As I’m still vulnerable.


I’m not genuine, like other men

I’m not true to my own self

I’ve lost the gentleness and

I’m trying to stalk you everyday

Even though you’re so far away.


There are certain changes that

I observe in myself lately

I have a tendency to fall in love

With every woman I see and

That’s somehow involuntary.


I think that my mind is poisoned

Due to which I’m doing all of this

But there’s no soul around

To tell me that I’m doing wrong and

Guide me back to my life.


All those words that

I’m trying to hold back and

All those secrets I’m trying

To keep from people

Are backfiring at me.


I’m unable to differentiate

Between what’s right and wrong

As I don’t see the line

Separating the two

Not anymore.

I’m a victim of myself. My silence is killing nobody but just me. I’ll let that to happen as there’s nothing that’s left of myself anyway.


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