The Voices of Our Hearts

I could feel your presence around me despite the fact that we live a thousand miles away

Now, I’ll have to question myself for trusting someone who just came out of the blue

Living with whatever you say is all that I can do for I can’t really know what you actually meant

There’s just one way out.

There was a time when every word we exchanged seemed divine

Like a pulchritude unfathomable

I could feel myself become anew, for the efforts I put in;

Were something I never did for anyone else

I felt the urge to reveal my darkest secrets
And there I came, running towards you

I knocked the door, expecting you to unlatch it to the world where I hadn’t been

I was bemused, lost in paradise

You weren’t there for me when I needed you the most.

But there’s so much more I want to say. So much I need the courage to express.

How could I tell you, love, every word you speak is entwined within me

I wish I could play you the melody my heart weaves

But, I constantly find myself not telling you more.

It’s like you’ve been trying to tell me something that I need to know

But there’s something that’s stopping you from doing so and I can feel it

Secrets between ourselves are not going to stand strong as they’ll be out someday and

I’ll just pretend to believe that everything is alright.

At the end, all I do is giving myself to you, piece by piece.

I may not have the fortitude to say everything, but I promise to never stop trying.

Never stop trying to turn these texts into something more;

And turn this everyday conversation to last a lifetime.

AestheticGraphy and Zero Error

Written in collaboration with Riya. (Thank you so much for writing with me, Riya!) The words that are italicised belong to them and are copyrighted.


78 thoughts on “The Voices of Our Hearts

  1. Perhaps she felt everything that you did too. I guess you’ll never know, and she might not either but nothing is truly ever over unless you believe it is. It’s never too late to start again. It’s never to late to make amends, because I believe that nothing or no one is ever to broken to be put together to create something more beautiful than they were before.

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  2. This is just so intense and hard-hitting and relatable. It’s like someone just narrated the story of my life, haha! Just one person can change everything about your life, they come so unexpectedly, and leave even more unexpectedly, but there footprints do remain forever. I guess, moving on with a smile is the best one can do. 😬

    Anyways, I love the way you write, it’s so precise, without any exaggerations, so direct and pure that it gets straight to the reader’s heart. As you say, you write what you feel. And it shows in your work. 🌼 This collaboration is a very appreciable attempt. Cheers to both of you. Please do more of these, I really want to read more. ☺

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      1. Hey, don’t say that. Your posts are seriously very interesting, never ever boring, okay? I love reading them. It’s only that I go speechless when commenting on your work. 😹 And I should be saying that to be honest, I hope my writing doesn’t bore you. Yayyy, you have a great weekend too, Pavan. ☺

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    1. Thank you so much.
      Hello! I’m unable to view your blog. There’s a glitch or something that I don’t know. The link doesn’t open up. I’ve been trying that but the results are negative! Do share the link to your blog so that I can view it. Thank you!

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