Something New

So, what have we got today?

Stop looking at the picture and try to concentrate. I’m not in the picture anyway.

I request you to browse the internet for “Happy new year images” if you wanted to see them here instead.

Ahem. We only post original content here.

I used “we” as it sounded professional. Zero Error is not something that’s managed by a group of remarkable people.

Errors make us perfect. Make more errors this time. Don’t keep it at a mere zero, please!

I realise that I’m really bad at writing casually. I always have to have a plan before I do something or I’ll end up doing stuff like this.

So, I’ll stick to what I always do.

Happy new year!

Wait! Who’s in the picture?

71 thoughts on “Something New

    1. Happy new year to you too!
      There are no twins. Well, the boy in the gravatar is me and the boy in the picture is also me. This is a secret that nobody knows. Please don’t share this with anybody else!
      Have a great year ahead.

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