Speck of Dust

I’m like a bunch of idiots

That are brought together

But none of them stick together

Because they’re also the idiots

Who like to wander.

It’s hard to convince me

But I go with the flow.

Guiding me would be of no use

Because I say ‘Yes!’ to whatever

You say.

Try telling stories to a three-year-old.

You’d then understand

What I actually mean.

I didn’t intend to examine you

But I feel like I’m attracted to things

And that’s not my fault.

I’m just a speck of dust

That gets inside one of your eyes.

Well, I’m unable to see it.


47 thoughts on “Speck of Dust

      1. It’s my first time I’m reading your post. And I really looking forward to reading some more, You can be a Good Writer. Keep it up 👍

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, that’s about an actual speck of dust. I had written about it because nobody usally writes about such things. I just wanted to give them some importance by personifying it.
      Yeah. Everybody is way more than a mere speck of dust.
      Thank you so much for reading the post, Sonali!

      Liked by 1 person

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