A Breaking Heart

I’m currently in a situation

Where I can’t even talk about

The things that I have in my mind.

I don’t want to sound silly either

As I know exactly what

I’m going to talk right now.

I used to have this weird feeling that

There’s something growing inside me.

But I ignored it as it didn’t

Cause much pain in the beginning.

Maybe that was a huge mistake.

I should’ve taken precautions

While it was just a tiny seed

That wouldn’t grow

Without a supporting environment

And a bit of love.

The condition is not the same.

Not anymore.

I don’t even know

If I should regret this or not.

Talking about the present,

What’s left in my heart

Are just roots that have spread

All over the place,

Making space for nothing else.

Also, there’s a tree that still

Grows on my heart.

A tree that bears no leaves.

A tree that sucks everything

Out of whatever that’s left

Inside my heart.

Yesterday was overrated. But I slept as much as I could.

61 thoughts on “A Breaking Heart

  1. Yesterday was indeed overrated and i relate to your poem like thats what i feel and go through! And to say… its perfectly put up! Great work Pavan!

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  2. Oh sometimes our heart can be our greatest enemy wanting wrong things at the wrong time and guess what we are the last people to know it, but by this time the tree would be fully placed and hard to de root too…and we the poor take the brunt of the mistake of our heart.

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  3. Ohh, this really pained my heart. 😔 I could really feel the emotions behind those words. Unknowingly, the seed blooms into a tree and we are left their uncertain, if we should water the tree or not! Also, that picture is so well drawn. I will save it. Painful, yet beautiful. 😐

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We aren’t able to escape this blackhole once we throw ourselves into it anyway It was much fun going through your blog… You’re a great writer.
        More power✨

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