I keep recalling moments from my past and the only thing that bothers me is that they’re not sorted by date.

There are a lot of variants. But it’s quite hard to pick one because they all look similar to one another.

It’d be better if I quit now because I don’t want to quit at the end or when it becomes too late to quit.

“I’ve got experience in this field. Let me guide and help you out so that you don’t make all those mistakes I made.”

“You’re making a bad decision. Do exactly what I’m telling you to do because I know what suits you.”

I try to keep everything systematic and I don’t like it when people do my work when I know how it’s done.

I’m trying my best to listen to everyone who are talking about their choices. But I need to clear my mind

Because right now, I’m making a choice that might change everything that I have created all my life.

Isn’t everybody making choices every single day?

Incorporating irrelevant and old images since ××××.

All of my choices are copyrighted.

38 thoughts on “Choices

  1. I can relate to you in a lot of ways. The ‘advice’ people give can be so annoying at times😣 . Just go with what your heart says is what I think atleast. Maybe I’m too giving you a stupid advice .🙃 Who knows what’s right….
    P.S. – nice artwork

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  2. Woahh! A life changing choice! I can relate to that. I would say, listen to everyone but also consider that little voice within you. 🌸 Anyways, it feels like I’ve seen that picture before, it’s so colourful. Very creative, Pavan. ☺

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  3. Chouces are so important. If we make the wrong one it can mess up our lufe for ever. Pavan, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to read my Blog, and Like my poems. You have been so loyal. In this wavering world, it is good to have people who remain firm and sure. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

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    1. That’s sweet!
      I like the way you write your haiku and poetry. I miss your fleas. Where are they? I liked reading them.
      Continue writing your book and don’t stop until you’re done! Good luck, Lorr. Keep up the good work.

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      1. Oh bless you Pavan. Ok so I will write some more flea poems. It is about time they came out of hibernation! They should be re-energised by now, and full of verve for some goid blood sucking lol. I am going to read through some more of your posts when I can. Again, many thanks Pavan

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