Fine… One more month and the three are going to waste their time, recklessly. It’s going to be terrible. They have no idea as to how the vacations are supposed to be spent. They’re also broke. Saving up some money by the next month is not going to help. They’re boys. They don’t save money!

I: My exams are done. We need to do something. I’m bored. I’m not going to waste this summer vacation like the last one. Let’s go to the beach this time!

II: Nothing’s going to change. We are going to stay at home. Your plans don’t work.

I: Negative, as always. It’s you who cancels everything at the end. I guess you like those girls more than the two of us. Why don’t you hang out with them instead?

II: When did I say that I spend more time with those people? I’m always with the two of you. Also, I never cancel without a reason.

I: Okay. Shut up. Let’s see if someone calls you for a birthday party on that exact day of departure.

II: What? That was not a lie! It was my nephew’s birthday last year. It was important. My mother forced me to go with her.

I: What about last month? You didn’t join us for a movie…

III: Guys! Stop it. Just talk about the plan.

I: Yeah. I don’t care if this guy escapes at the last moment.

II: Oh, shut up!

III: Plan!

I: Okay. The beach. We’re going to the beach this time. It’s going to be awesome. Two days at the beach. One day for travel.

II: I don’t think that this will work out. It’s going to be hot! I don’t want to get a tan on my body. Nobody is going to agree to this at home.

I: Yeah. So, the beach it is!

II: Hey! I didn’t agree. Didn’t you listen to what I just said?

I: I don’t care. You’re coming with us.

II: Us? You didn’t even listen to him. Why don’t you listen to everybody and then come to a decision?

I: Okay. So, what do you say?

III: I’m good. Let’s go.

I: See? He never argues with me. If anyone has a problem, it’s always going to be you.

II: His parents are sweet. They let him go anywhere and they don’t even call him to check on him!

III: Hey!

I: Okay, sir. Where else on earth do you want to go?

II: I like greenery! Mountains and forests are the best places to visit. I like it when it’s quiet. Let’s go to this place I went the last month. It’s really good. One day and it’s not going to cost us much.

I: There’s going to be a lot of forests on our way to the beach. We’ll just drop you on the way and pick you up on our way back. What do you say?

II: That was not a joke! Why are you even taking me if you’re going to a different place, without me?

I: Okay. You’re coming with us.

II: No. I’m going to my place. You’re going to yours. I don’t care where this guy goes to.

I: Don’t you change his mind! He’s coming with me.

III: It’s either the beach or the forest. Pick one.

II: It’s the forest. I don’t have the money to spend on your beach trip.

I: It’s next month. We can save up until then.

II: I’m not doing that. It’s not going to work. It’s late. I’m leaving. Let’s talk tomorrow. We’ll settle for the forest one! Okay. Bye!

III: I’m going with him. See you tomorrow.

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