Fountain Park

There’s music.

But I have my own tunes

Playing in my mind

As I walk through a row of trees

In a silent park.

It’s not that windy.

So, I’ll have to imagine that

The breeze is caressing my face.

I just feel that there’s something missing

Amidst all of this and I just think

Once again that there’s something

That’s just not right.

Maybe I’ve not done something that

I was supposed to do a long time ago.

When I close my eyes, I just see

The same park right in front of me.

But the fountain in the park

Is still functioning

And I couldn’t help but smile

At my own imagination

As I always try to picturize every single

Thing that’s out there in the real world.

I imagine them in a way that makes

Them look just fine.

Fine, in my own perspective.

There are happy faces

Right in front of me

That are preventing me to close my eyes

And picturize a better version of it.

I hope that one day, the fountain

Will start working just like before

So that I’ll not have to close my eyes

To picturize the same thing

Over and over again.

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