To my old friend

(By “old friend”, I’m referring to that friend with whom I was once very close with but currently, I’m not. We don’t even talk now. Okay. Too much information.)

Hey there, my friend! I know that I could have addressed you by just saying “friend” and not “old friend”. I remembered you yesterday when my mother was recalling about some of my childhood friends. She said “Why don’t you talk to him anymore? You say that he’s busy and he has a lot of work to do. You need to talk to him… You guys were so close back then, when you were in school.”

Yeah. Back then, when we were in school.

I don’t want to focus on the facts that go like “You got yourself into a reputed institution for your eleventh and twelfth grade. I had to move to a different place because my father found a nice institution somewhere close to work.” Actually, that’s how we moved on in life. I was really bored during the summer break between tenth and eleventh grades. I had to cycle about thirty kilometres in total just to play a game of cricket with you. I know it takes more than two people to play this game. But that’s not the point. The point is that I didn’t want to miss being with my friends. I really felt your absence during classes and after classes. All of my friends were new. You guys were out of reach. I know that it’s okay for some people and it’s completely normal to have a whole new set of friends after they change colleges or schools. I’m not talking about them right now.

It took some time to find some good friends for there are a lot of people here. Especially, the ones that are like you. (Stop saying that everyone is different from each other and they are special in their own way.)

I’ve met a lot of people after you and I were separated. Some of them are great. Some of them are normal and some of them are a bunch of losers. I’m quite sure that my friends can identify themselves if they ever come across what I’ve written here. (Also, I wanted to tell you this. I’ve got a friend who is just like you. But he’s only slightly taller, has darker skin tone (That was racist! Say no to racism.) He has curly hair too. But not as curled up as your hair is. I met him in my Animation course. I just realised that he’s like you… A nice guy.) I really don’t know why this took me a lot of time to write. I generally take my own time to do anything. No excuses. At this point, I can’t really say if this whole thing is about you/for you or about me.

I just hope that you’re doing alright and I hope that I’ll get to see you again. Be successful. Bye.

10 thoughts on “To my old friend

  1. Pavan, your post on your old friend once again brought back the memories of my old friend whom I’ve been thinking about a lot these days. Now I feel overwhelmed by those rushing memories. Anyway, life goes on and memories are left with.

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  2. Today itself I did talk about a lost old friend and here I come up to see your blog.
    We’ll quarantine time, we are all a little free to think about someone long lost .
    But I hope you get to see this friend soon.
    Stay safe

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