If It Were Real

My hands trembled and stopped
Only after I finished writing the letter
That you probably never expected from me.

Sometimes, I think that I should’ve Never written that letter because now
I know that I never want to see you again.

You don’t live far away.
You’re right here and I know that we’ll Surely bump into each other and act awkwardly.

“It’s not your fault. It’s all mine. I should
Be kicking myself for ruining it so early.
I should have waited.”, I say to myself.

It has happened now and it’s not in my
Imagination anymore. I have saved closeness
And affection for some other day.

And for someone else.

It’s perfectly normal to be with myself.
But every night I go to bed,
It takes time for me to close my eyes.

When I read your reply,
I was disappointed – in myself.
Maybe I didn’t do it right.

It didn’t hurt much though.
I’ve seen pain. If it were real, it would’ve pained,
Just like the way it did before.

15 thoughts on “If It Were Real

  1. Hi Pavan! This reminded me of the time I couldn’t move on, until I realised my worth and finally let it all go. Its heartbreaking, but it’s also kind of okay to say goodbye. So relatable!

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  2. “I’ve seen pain. If it were real, it would’ve pained,
    Just like the way it did before”

    This is my favorite part. But the whole thing is beautiful. I like it ♥♥

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