Pavan Athreyas

Artist. Loves art.

Writes(types, when it comes to this electronic gadget) when he’s happy, writes when he’s sad, writes whenever and whatever wanted, writes all the time. Doesn’t care when the last word of each line in a poetry don’t rhyme with each other. But deep within, he has had this feeling that a nice poetry should contain words that rhyme so that they seem good and sound the same.

He has also thought of building a nice studio for his art to be published around the globe. Sometimes, it is very hard for this person to think about a specific topic and write or draw something about it. But, when it comes to writing random stuffs about something or to simply doodle or sketch on the last page in every book, you just can’t measure his capability. You’ll just want to stay away from his strengths.

This doesn’t tell you much about me. But that’s okay. We’ll get to know about each other in the future. Well, that’s a hope. Being hopeful is positive. That’s what I feel. Be positive!