"What's up?" "Hey, what took you so long?" The other person on the phone was worried because the previous call was unattended. I don't pick up calls lately. I wish I could say that. "Can you hear me? What's wrong?" Now, it was the silence that wasn't expected. "Yeah, the firecrackers are music to my … Continue reading Trivia


It seems like The distortions in the sky, Far beyond my reach Is trying to lure me.   But It's all hazy and I'm not sure whether It's the atmosphere or Just my poor imagination.   My mind is highly manipulative And It tries to correct things Despite the fact that It's Perfectly alright.   … Continue reading Vision

No Interest

I was supposed to complete my 'Christmas Holiday Homework(s)' which were due on January twenty-eighteen. I'm not sure about the last dates, but I'm one-hundred-percent sure that those lecturers would definitely ask everyone to submit whatever we've done. Now, I'm not sure about anything. Something's stopping me from starting my second last assignment. Twenty-seventeen is … Continue reading No Interest