I keep burning myself And I keep melting down Just like how something burns If you set something on fire. I'm a paper bag That temporarily gives space To everything that can fit inside me But I keep tossing them out For I cannot handle if it's too heavy. Also, I have no best friends … Continue reading Hollow


The Voices of Our Hearts

I could feel your presence around me despite the fact that we live a thousand miles away Now, I'll have to question myself for trusting someone who just came out of the blue Living with whatever you say is all that I can do for I can't really know what you actually meant There's just … Continue reading The Voices of Our Hearts

No Interest

I was supposed to complete my 'Christmas Holiday Homework(s)' which were due on January twenty-eighteen. I'm not sure about the last dates, but I'm one-hundred-percent sure that those lecturers would definitely ask everyone to submit whatever we've done. Now, I'm not sure about anything. Something's stopping me from starting my second last assignment. Twenty-seventeen is … Continue reading No Interest