I'm probably the only thing on this Land that's the least enchanting And I also know that I won't be Able to change a thing If that's proved to be the truth I'm a stone but I've got a heart that Lives deep inside me I know that I'll break myself someday Into tiny bits … Continue reading Stagnant

Set Sail

With the stories untold and All those Mysteries unravelled Here I sit, basking in the sun Waiting to set sail To the world I despise.   To all those theories I don't believe And to all those lies you told They were just spoken to comfort me No matter how hard you try You don't … Continue reading Set Sail

No Interest

I was supposed to complete my 'Christmas Holiday Homework(s)' which were due on January twenty-eighteen. I'm not sure about the last dates, but I'm one-hundred-percent sure that those lecturers would definitely ask everyone to submit whatever we've done. Now, I'm not sure about anything. Something's stopping me from starting my second last assignment. Twenty-seventeen is … Continue reading No Interest