what has changed.

Sometimes, I question myself

“Am I really where I am supposed to be or am I at another dead end,

as usual?”

I don’t ask myself too much about anything.

It’s too tiring and I get bored.

I feel like I’ve become more careless than ever

and I don’t want to complain about it.

It feels good. Actually, I don’t know how it feels like.

There are times where I seem to forget everything,

even the most important things of my life and

I become carefree.

I just don’t do things that I feel I shouldn’t do, knowing the fact

that the choice I’m making can really mess things up for me.

It just happens like that.

Am I defending myself?

I felt like crying today. For what?

I feel happy because I’m not experiencing anything that can bring me grief

or anything that can make me think about someone.

Even though I have something in my heart telling me that

something wrong will happen in the future, soon enough,

I’m happy for where I have reached after being stalled for at least

three long years and I don’t really care what the future has in store

for me.

Is that good?

Speaking of things that have changed,

I still ask a lot of questions if you want to know

what hasn’t changed and I still choose to be the person

I want to be at any given instance…

Now, tomorrow and yesterday.

I’ve been noticing lately that the nights are longer than days.

Maybe I’m sleeping a little longer than usual.

My bad.

I’m just hoping that you’re reading this with a slow, happy song being played somewhere. A phone, a gramophone. Radio, Television. Anywhere.

Music is important. Not this.

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