A beautiful feeling

I just found myself in the middle of sadness – really?

And then I realised

“…what’s the point of all this when I’m actually living through exactly what I prayed for during another breakdown?”

It is surprising how I don’t doodle in my notebooks of my own will anymore.

I don’t really know why I remembered that now.

Sorry. I just lied.

I just happened to doodle a lot when I was writing and got carried away by it. Now, I’m back.

It just doesn’t give me the feels anymore.

Maybe it’s because I’m doing what I always loved and still do at the moment and that’s something that I wasn’t doing quite a while ago.

Sometimes, I think I could have had a different life if I had chosen to continue with what I had a couple of years ago.

But I would have never experienced what I have right now and I really think that’s the best decision I’ve made.

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