Welcome To Zero Error

Hello there!

Welcome to Zero Error : flying thoughts and memories.

To be honest, there’s no one out there in the world who is absolutely perfect. In other words, everybody have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, this makes everybody unique. We commit errors every now and then. A life without errors or mistakes is totally unimaginable. Even if it is, it brings very little meaning to it. Glitch! Unexpected error found. A minor problem. Please report immediately, because this site has gone crazy.

But, let’s pretend to be perfect. It brings in positivity! Zero Error is that state where there are no questions which talk about errors and perfections.

That’s perfect!

So, here are the links to all my posts on Zero Error, (Also, click on Blog, About, etcetera from the menu to explore more) In chronological order –

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The Beginning

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The Correction Encounter

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The Nonchalant Chain-smoker

Time Smitten




The Lilies You Love

Below Average

Subject To Change



Click on them and you’ll be there.

So, do thoughts and memories fly? Yes! Let’s give it a try.

Thank You.