It seems like

The distortions in the sky,

Far beyond my reach

Is trying to lure me.


But It’s all hazy and

I’m not sure whether

It’s the atmosphere or

Just my poor imagination.


My mind is highly manipulative

And It tries to correct things

Despite the fact that

It’s Perfectly alright.


I wish that my eyes would work

Just like the way my mind does

It never works without an aid

It has been dependent, until now.


Everyone’s behind the resolution

And all that’s trending

Life isn’t everybody’s piece of cake

But they sell it anyway.


This is the end of the road and

There’s nothing beyond this point

Don’t let the shimmering sky

Or whatever that is to fool you.


I agree that your vision

Is better than that of mine but

When there’s no light around

You’ll only see what I’m able to see.

37 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Hey Pavan! I hope you are doing well. I get multiple vibes from your poem, somewhere it’s dark, mysterious, confusing, thought-provoking! Your thoughts are very intense. The ending lines are dark. It’s like a challenge to the world to go ahead and try to find the twinkling stars in the blackness. 🤔

    Also, I would like to know why you said that the eyes should work like the mind? That part was a bit confusing to me.

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    1. Hey, Chandni! It’s good to see you here. Thank you so much for reading the post; your comment sounded much more like a review! Thank you for all the time you’ve spent here.
      Eyes, yes! They’re my eyes to be specific. My mind is able to think clearly because it has an ability to think (it’s made to do so!).But my eyes don’t do what they’re supposed to do – to see clearly. I have a poor eyesight and I’m obliged to wear spectacles (for short-sightedness). I’m currently running on contact lenses but there it is – the dependency.
      There’s more but I’d like to stop this here because I really don’t think that I’d stop talking about all of this.

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  2. ” I agree that your vision

    Is better than that of mine but

    When there’s no light around

    You’ll only see what I’m able to see.”

    The last few verses speak of the stark reality that’s life. Light may bring differences in our vision but darkness stays just the same for all of us irrespective of what our eyes were used to in the light. We simply need to get accustomed to the common blackness binding us.

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    1. I agree! Yes, you’re right there.
      It’s hard to find out what people are up to in the darkness and there’s this fact that nothing can be seen. Well, I wish to stop there. I’m running low on thoughts lately!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for talking sharing your thoughts too.

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  3. Great post! Also, I’ve sent you an email just to know if you’d be interested in writing a collab, just because I love your writing style and wanted to come up with something as well! You can check out a few of my poems to know about my writing style 🙂

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    1. Oh, thank you so much, Riya! I’m glad that you found something to be interesting here. I’d love to be a part of a collaboration. I’ll check my e-mail and get back to you as soon as possible. You write really well and your writing style is unique. I read your posts whenever you post them on your blog. Thank you so much, again!

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      1. Thank you so much for taking your time in reading my posts here, on my blog and reviewing it! I’m glad that you liked reading my posts. There’s more to come. Also, I read your posts when you post them on your blog. They’re wonderful too. Keep up the good work!

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      2. I’m going through your posts now…There was one that just shocked me I’m still getting over it!! LOL
        Seriously, you have an incredible style that sticks with the reader.
        Thanks for the support and it’s a great pleasure to read your work!

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      3. 😀 Don’t overthink improving your style because you’re a natural. A lot of sensitivity and passion shines through your writing.
        Sorry it took me so long to check your posts I’m new here so still getting used to other blogger names but I just binge read a few of your posts and they are stunning! Keep at it!

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      4. I just write what I feel and they’re mostly uncensored (Oh, not that vulgar though!). You shouldn’t be sorry for what you did. You just made my day and I’m happy that you liked my blog. Thank you for showering your love on top of my blog posts.
        There are a lot of amazing writers here. They’re just around the corner and they’re not hard to find. Good content will always stand out.
        Yes, I’ll try to maintain this and I hope that I keep writing, no matter what.

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