What’s Happening Now

I woke up, after dreaming about someone.

Well, it was more than one person

That I saw less than a week ago.

“She’s cute. But the other one’s cute as well. It’s difficult to choose between the two. But I think that both have boyfriends.”

I don’t know why I woke up so early.

Maybe it’s because I just started to read a book.

It’s probably wanting me to read it.

Because it’s been more than a year

Or two since I read a book and now,

I just started with one.

I finished part one and I now

I want to go out of my room.

There’s no air inside.

So, I leave my door wide open.

I keep thinking about one thing

Everyday. Every now and then.

“There’s something in me that people dislike. Maybe it’s the attitude. People don’t treat me the way they treat other people.

Sometimes, I feel like an outcast. Sometimes, I think I shouldn’t be here.

I’m friendly to everyone. But I’m a friend to no one. They’re busy with their own lives, fixing their own issues.

I know that I’m doing what I love the most. I know that I’m taking good care of myself lately. But I still have that negative feeling I don’t want to have inside me.”

I know that I think too much sometimes.

Sometimes, overthinking is okay.

That’s what I think.

Part of me is with me

And a part of me doesn’t even know

Where it is and where it belongs.

The sun has not risen yet

And I walk towards the window

To see some lights scattered down the valley,

Thinking that nobody is awake yet.

But I know that there are some people

Like me, who are awake now.

Some of them with broken hearts

And some of them

With shallow and deep scars.

11 thoughts on “What’s Happening Now

    1. Hello, Naveena! I do remember you. It’s just that I’m not active on WordPress. I am currently just watching movies and TV shows and also, laughing at memes on Instagram. But I will be writing soon.
      Yeah, sure. I’ll check your blog out soon.
      Thanks for visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad you remember me! Until few days back, I was doing the same things too. I’m yet to catch up on your posts. And will do so!

        Take care! And looking forward to your new posts!


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