Like Paper Boats on a Rainy Afternoon

Walking through the corridors of my own thoughts,

I see myself in different timelines.

One of them made a big mistake.

I look at him in the eye and ask him

“What is going on inside your head?”

It’s raining heavily outside and he has a paper boat in his hand.

He said “Walk with me. Don’t ask me questions. I know what I want to say.”

“I met a girl online and I confessed my love to her via E-mail.

She loved me back, for sometime.

It didn’t work out. It’s been at least two years since that incident.

Now, I have long hair and she probably doesn’t even remember anything about us anymore.

Some things in life give you joy and some things leave a void in your heart.

I don’t think that it’s any different to anyone who is as old as you are.

I’m pretty forgetful. I’m unable to tell you everything I wanted to tell you because I’ve lost those thoughts I had while you’re still hearing this.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel when you’re just walking back to your room and someone tries to bring back your own memories back to you?

You’re either happy or sad.

Or you’re just trying to experience something unexpectedly,

The memories rushing into your head.

They’re not telling you anything.

They’re just moving around, showing you bits and pieces of something, like a kaleidoscope.

Take this paper boat and let it sail on moving water while it’s still raining because who knows? Water might not even be there when there is no rain.

Your mind is like a paper boat on a rainy afternoon.

It will sail and then probably sink because it’s wet, and the probability of the boat sinking is: one hundred percent, yes. It will sink.”

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