Set Sail

With the stories untold and

All those Mysteries unravelled

Here I sit, basking in the sun

Waiting to set sail

To the world I despise.


To all those theories I don’t believe

And to all those lies you told

They were just spoken to comfort me

No matter how hard you try

You don’t surprise me enough.


You’re just water

Water at a seashore

Made to move back and forth and

Deliver what they desire

But you break the sand castles I build.


Unbiased and unintentional

I give more than what I take, you say

And that’s what they believe

But you didn’t see everybody and

Here I stay, empty-handed.


People are vicious

Fighting for wealth, greedy for more

That’s what you know, that’s all

But we’re more than what you see

Not just the cupidity.


This place is big enough to

Hold us all together from falling off

But we all want to explore

Move out, manipulate and mutilate

Being natural is not our thing.


I’ve been thinking about you lately

And now, I realise that

We don’t talk anymore

It’s hard to imagine a life without you

But I rise anyway.


I’d like to leave this land and

Set sail to a place far away

Far away, out of reach

City of stars

That’s where I want to go.


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