You Know Me

I know that you’re looking at me

And I don’t like to show it to you

That I don’t actually like what

You’re doing at the moment.

Well, I don’t have the right

To object and criticise either

As I don’t really care and

I don’t really know who you are.

I just doubt if you’ve seen people

Who are similar to me and I want

To know if you’ve done the same

To those people as well.

You can say that I’m doing this

Because I want your attention.

But would you like to hear me say

“This is none of your f**king business”?

“There, she’s said it. She really is looking for it. She wouldn’t have reacted if she really didn’t care about what I said. All women are the same. They dress up to show off. But when we approach, they say that it’s for something else. They are stubborn. They should know that they’re weak and helpless without us. They should know their limits and act accordingly because, well, we all know it, don’t we?”

You must have heard or said some of those lines yourself. You can always recall what you’ve said. You’re smart, aren’t you?

You’re a feminist. I know that.

You respect everybody. I agree.

I know and I agree because you tell me about it and you make sure that I do.

But deep inside, I know that you’ll always judge me

Because you seem to know everything about me.

Dedicated to all those women who have helped me, cared for me, loved me, supported me during tough times, good times, all my life and to all those women who still do all of the above.

I love you guys!

I’ve tried my best to say what you would say to everybody who like to judge you and criticise you for everything that you do everyday.

I don’t use F-words. There are no offensive words present in my vocabulary. Don’t freak out!

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