Causes Cancer

Don’t you say to yourself

That you’re just another

Overrated thing made on this planet

When people talk about you?

You’re there on almost everybody’s

Weekend food photography menu.

They don’t really mind

If you’re bought for free

Or even if you’re sold for a price

That I can’t afford.

You might be out of my league

But I don’t really like you

Because you’re the reason why

Those people are still awake,

Trying to do something great and

Simultaneously trying to

Push each other off the edge

Of a saucer that has lost its balance.

All rights and Coffee re-served.

I shouldn’t have said that. But it’s already there. So, deal with it.

43 thoughts on “Causes Cancer

  1. Lol. Can’t see the drawing but read the poem. Very witty. I never drank much coffee but still got cancer. Duh! Must’ve been the tea! Great post. I enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

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