Pencil Case

I had bought a pencil case after nagging my parents for a whole year. Actually, they had bought it for me. The colour of the case was that of a sapphire. It had at least three compartments inside it; to store pencils, smaller pencils and other things that were essential for my primary school.

The designs complemented the case. It was sturdy and translucent. The best part about the box was it had tiny cars on the label. It was perfect! I probably didn’t watch TV the day I bought the pencil case because I had unfinished business.

I sat down. I had to sort my belongings based on their size because only the materials smaller than the case could fit inside it.

One pencil – check. One sharpener – check. One eraser – check. One scale of length fifteen centimeter – check. One extra pencil, just in case the other pencil gets lost or stolen – check.

My arsenal was finally ready!

I had a Buzz Lightyear bag. I didn’t even know that the character’s name was Buzz Lightyear. I watched a movie called “Toy Story” several years later and I said “Ma! This Toy was on my old bag. Do you remember?”

To infinity and beyond!

Okay. So, I placed my pencil case into my bag with great precision and care. I had to place it in a void because I didn’t want it to get damaged due to excess pressure. Everything was set. I couldn’t wait for the next day. I wanted my friends to see it and say “This is a nice box. Approved!”

Next Day

I woke up early. Well, I had to. I had bought a new pencil case. So, I was pretty excited. My school bus arrived.

I reached my school and I rushed into my classroom. I sat on my seat. Everybody saw my sturdy pencil case. They liked it. I could see it on their faces.

The classes went on and on and I kept opening and closing the pencil case whenever I got the chance. It was recess and most students went outside the classroom to play. I went outside the class with my friend. I don’t think that I played.

When I returned, I saw a group of boys shouting in my classroom. I also saw one particular boy who was shouting as he jumped up and down.

He was jumping up and down with my pencil case beneath his feet.

42 thoughts on “Pencil Case

  1. Whattt!! This is so heartbreaking. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ I lovvvvved how the story was flowing with such innocence and childish joy. But the ending! ๐Ÿ˜ง These kind of things make me lose faith in humanity huh.

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  2. I really saw you nagging ur parents for it n finally getting it..Ur expressions wen u were loading ur stuffs in that yellow translucent case..And ur thoughts wen u placed that precious one in ur table… the last was sad but bullies EXISTS….. I was always bullied till class 3.. oh I hv many incidents.. I will definitely share one of those.. do read it wen I do.. lovedddd it..

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