The Suspension

In a dusty room. Tyndall effect could be observed, experienced visually. It was cleaning day, which finally came after five postpones, literally, after thirty-eight days. He swept and wiped almost all visible dirt and marks of stain which were seen everywhere in and around the room. He carefully moved a mountain of reference books to his book shelf from a never visited corner of a room, which looked even more disgusting.

The mountain tilted towards the floor and the books fell downwards, which happened to look like a straight and continuous waterfall. Papers of different shapes and sizes flew out of a book during the fall and were about to land asynchronously on the floor. He stepped on a stained sheet of paper which was not as good as new.

But what mattered was the matter which was written in it, for it was folded at least four times. Now, all those books are on the floor, papers all around. With the paper in his left hand, he freed his right hand from his ringing and vibrating smart phone by tossing it on the soft cushioned chair. The phone bounced a little and settled down.

He sat down, settled. Before unfolding the paper, he tried to picture the incident which had occurred just a week ago. He couldn’t think of anything else other than a college girl who waved Hi to him at the bus stand, the previous day.

Without wasting much time, he unfolded the paper with very less interest.

The secret was revealed. “Suspension letter”.

Along with all the dust particles suspended in room, there was a bigger living mass which/who was suspended. Well, not for a very long time. He never realized that he could go to college only after the first day of the following year. His college worked until the twenty-fourth of December – the date until which he was suspended. His eyes were already moist. He wiped them even before he could see or feel his tears.

He stood up, determined. He just said, to himself: I must change, I’ll do whatever it takes, no matter what.

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